“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.”

Thomas Berry

Kakadu National Park is on a lot of bucket lists all over the world and we are lucky enough to tour this spectacular part of the world and take you with us. 

At almost 20,000 square kilometres (thats almost half the size of Switzerland), Kakadu has been home to the oldest culture on earth, dating back some 65,000 years ago. 

Kakadu National Park is listed at as dual World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its outstanding cultural and natural properties. 


Kakadu’s incredible rock art provides a window into human civilisation in the days before the last ice age. Revealing insights into hunting and gathering practices, social structure and ritual ceremonies of Aboriginal societies.

We have the privilege to walk within these exceptional sites and appreciate how life may have been without the hustle, bustle and noise of current society, without technology and the constant flow of information from external sources. Providing us with an understanding of their ‘connection to country’, meaning connection to the land, flora, fauna, seasons and each other.

And there’s the waterfalls!

Kakadu is home to magnificent towering waterfalls. There is nothing better than a refreshing swim in fresh water with natures background. 

They’re not just tremendous in variety, from the towering Jim Jim  to secluded cascades amid monsoon forests, but capture Kakadu’s dramatic seasonal change.


Day 1 – We will head straight out to Kakadu National Park today stopping off to observe the spectacular birdlife at Fogg Dam on the way. After settling in at our private camp we will take an interactive walk around the famous Ubirr rock art site before reaching the top of the escarpment in time for sunset. 

Day 2 – Today we make our way to the Burrungkuy region, walking through Nourlangie and viewing historic rock art before climbing up Nawurlungja, where you can sit in complete silence taking in nature around you. After some lunch and a visit to Warradjan Cultural Centre we will make our way back to camp to relax around the fire. 

Day 3 – We will head back to the Nourlangie region today tracking our way around the back of the ancient outlier with a tropical walk to Gabara Pools. We will spend most of our day here, completely slowing down and engaging in some beautiful meditations. We finish our day at our bush camp with conversations around the fire

Day 4 – Waking up with sunrise and the birds calling we start the day with breakfast and a cup of tea/coffee in camp before making our way to our first waterfall. Walking 2km through incredible bush to be rewarded with the stunning Motor Car Falls at the end. 

Day 5 – We will make our way out of the Nation Park and down to Katherine, stopping at the magnificent Edith Falls on the way for a refreshing swim. We will be setting up camp in Katherine where you can relax under a thousand stars. 

Day 6 – What’s a better way to start the day than to take a cruise down Katherine Gorge. This spectacular journey takes you through the towering gorge walls, thought to have been first established over 20 million years ago. To continue this jam packed day, we will head to Katherine Hot Springs for a relaxing float before making our way to Litchfield National Park

Day 7 – Today is all about the incredible waterfalls at Litchfield NP. We will visit Florence Falls, Buley Rockhole and Wangi Falls where you can find your perfect spot to relax, read or swim in the incredible fresh water. Tonight’s camp will be at exclusively at the Territory Wildlife Park

Day 8 – This morning we will explore the incredible park and animals within making sure you walk through the glass tunnel in the Aquarium and watch the Flight Deck show before having lunch and heading back to Darwin.

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