Overland Oz has made the commitment to give back and support as many communities as we can, whilst touring the beautiful land in the Northern Territory.


We have a dedicated team who have built up strong relations with Traditional Land Owners and Elders within Kakadu National Park. In partnership, we work closely to identify, organise, construct and deliver projects endorsed by the community. 

We maintain open communication outlining how our work can support the locals in their every day life and how they wish this to be implemented. It is imperative to keep the views of the members of the communities at the centre of these projects. 

By embarking on a school tour with us, we will dedicate a few days of the itinerary to the community service project. We enable students to come together with members of the community, working in unity towards a shared outcome.


In 2021 we were able to plant a one acre orchard in the Cannon Hill Community with the hard work of students and community members.

Together we fenced the area and redirected waste bore water to a 30,000 litre water tank to fully irrigate the orchard. With everything ready to go, we planted over 200 fruit trees including 52 different species.

The purpose of our projects is to support communities by providing healthy, sustainable food sources which will be nurtured and maintained as part of our future tours. We aim to continue this work in as many communities as possible.